Choco Chip Brownie’s

Brownie’s are something which is everyone’s favourite. It’s easy to make and no beating or whisking is required like other cakes. Few easy steps to follow and a perfect result appears.
Baking needs perfect timing and temperature, do he careful and keep checking your Brownie every two minutes so it doesn’t get over cooked or it becomes tight like biscuits.
Brownie’s can be stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator and can be relished for few days. Brownie’s comes in various forms like fudgy brownies or the caky one, but my favourite is the chewy ones. If u make perfect Brownie’s, the ingredients can be substituted by many other ingredients. Like if u like nuts, use walnuts. If u like chocolaty then use Choco Chip or small dark chocolate chunks. It all depends on how you like your brownies.
It is said that brownies originated in US at the end of 19th century and was so popular by the 20th century in Canada as well.
These are very affordable and can be packed as tiffin boxes for kids in school and we adults can enjoy in offices too.

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